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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Tradition

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday and there is a tradition associated with it that I've been especially blessed by participating in for the last couple of years. Its the November of Thanksgiving postings hosted by Rebecca and she always invites abundant participation. Here are the ways we can join in the festivities.

  • Mention something you’re thankful for in the comments of her posts. She’ll include your comment in one of her thanksgiving posts.
  • Email her to tell her what you’re thankful for and she’ll include it in a post.
  • Post your thankful thought(s) on your own blog, send her the link(s), and she’ll link to your post(s). If you plan to post something daily during the month, let her know that, too. That way you won’t need to send her your daily links.
I'm excited to know just how our good God is blessing you and to share the ways He blesses me! Happy Thanksgiving!

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