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Saturday, November 13, 2010

November of Thanksgiving-Day Thirteen

Right now, its just about 50 degrees F. outside and raining lightly. But this morning when Andy and I got up, it was several degrees warmer and just cloudy, although you could see what was coming. We decided to use the time before it did come to work on the continual fall clean-up. Andy decided on cleaning the gutters and I set out to trim back the roses in preparation for blowing their protective winter robes of leaves around them. I have 12 rose bushes whose blooms are a very deep pink that sometimes steps over into red. They are gorgeous! And if I dead-head them regularly (which I am pretty good about doing), they keep producing those outrageously beautiful flowers all the way from early June well into November. So as I pruned them back, I thanked God for those magnificent roses...and every beautiful flower in my yard, all sleeping now, but ready to bloom again when God turns the seasons to meet their needs. And I'm thankful too, that God turns the seasons of my life to meet my needs, not my wants, giving me times to rest, times of pruning and dead-heading, and times of blossoming.

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AuntE said...

Nicely put Dorothy. We do need seasons of rest in our lives, as well as 'blooming' AND dead-heading.

Persis said...

Those are beautiful roses! I love roses but I'm not very good about tending to them faithfully. :-(

I'm also glad the Lord doesn't consult me when I need His chastening. He has my good in mind, not my ease.