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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November of Thanksgiving-Day Seventeen

We've sung A Mighty Fortress is Our God both yesterday and today in my Isaiah Bible study and its still playing in my mind. I love the rousing tune of it but even more, I love the words. I love the truths Martin Luther states with no equivocation; that our God is a mighty fortress to us, that Christ Jesus is on the side of His own, and that He will fell the prince of darkness, our ancient foe, with one little word. There is such vast comfort in this hymn for the people of God because its true that we can never accomplish that victory in our own striving.

But this is not the only hymn I love. There are so many, many hymns that speak of the precious truths of our faith in ways that stir my soul to thanksgiving; so for all of them and the men and women that wrote them, I am giving thanks today.

What thankful thoughts are on your mind today? Please share with us all at Rebecca's November of Thanksgiving.

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