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Sunday, November 7, 2010

November of Thanksgiving-Day Seven

I am thankful that God created dogs. Anyone who has read my blog much at all knows that I am crazy about our little Charlie. But the truth is I like most dogs. Last night, Andy and I took our neighbor's dog for a walk while they went to a wedding and I'm still thinking about how much fun we had! Cody is a yellow lab, about as far from our little Maltese as you can get. Cody was happy to see us as we opened his door and ready to go as soon as we said walk. And go he did! He's very well trained and we took him the same route as we walk with Charlie but we were home again in half the time! And breathless too! Once returned to his house, we fed Cody and were ready to go home but Cody made it clear that he wanted us to stay a while and visit with him. I love that about dogs! If you like them, they like you and they are not shy to show it. Uncomplicated affection. What's not to like about that!

What are you thankful for today? Please join in the November of Thanksgiving festivities going on over at Rebecca's.


Kim said...

I love dogs, too! Our neighbor across the road just bought a new St. Bernard puppy, and she is so adorable. They also have a Mastiff, so their house will be crowded!

Victoria Lynch said...

Amen! I love dogs too--and have a pack of them, 2 Boxers and 3 Old English Bulldogs. We have no living children and my hubby deals with very painful arthritis--walking a 5 pack with me everyday helps him to keep limber!
What a lot of pleasure dogs add to our lives! I too am thankful to God for ours.

Anonymous said...

Greetings ! I have a maltese too !She is just 3 lbs and the queen of our house. She is so precious to me. I am so amazed and thankful to God that He made her for me to love and enjoy ! To me shes an expression of His love for me ! Thank you for sharing your love for dogs !