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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November of Thanksgiving-Day Thirty

I just got home a few minutes ago and there were snow flurries falling out there! I'm thankful for that because Andy gave me some lovely snowflake jewelry for Christmas last year and I've been anxious to wear it again but felt kind of silly to do so when there was no hint of snow yet. Now I'm going to wear it proudly with my pink sweater! Thank you, Lord, and thank you for the loving husband you gave me too.

Today is the last day to join in Rebecca's November of Thanksgiving. Its been a blessing to me to focus on God's good gifts to me each day and then read about yours as well. Thank you for hosting this annual festival of praise to our gracious God, Rebecca!


Willow said...

I have no snowflake jewelry. I suppose that seashells would be an appropriate substitution for me :)

I've enjoyed reading your Thirty Days of Thanksgiving even though I haven't commented much.

And NOW it's time for Advent!

rosemary said...

Yay for husbands who give nice jewelry to their wives! Way to go, Andy!

Wait a second. Christmas is just around the corner---yet another opportunity! :)

We had snow yesterday and sent it your way!

Persis said...

Enjoy the snow for us. We rarely get any that sticks, which is nice for the driving, but no fun for the kids.