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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Month of Thankfulness

I am starting my month of thankfulness posts with thanking God for the health and strength to do yard work. Andy and I have been raking leaves and dividing hostas this afternoon and its a blessing to be able to do it.

Now, there is a slight lull in our day and then we'll be setting off on a Charlie walk. That all three of us can enjoy God's creation together in that way is another reason to thank Him.

Rebecca is compiling all of our reasons to thank God this month. Won't you join us by sharing your reasons for thankfulness in November?


ellen b. said...

I'm glad you had the strength to do that yard work!! Enjoy your walk...

Willow said...

It's good to be outside and dig in the earth.
And yes, the rain was very welcome here! We need the rain and it may mean the end of fire season!