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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Month of Thankfulness: Day Thirteen

Andy is sick today. He worked from home yesterday instead of his usual Tuesday and started feeling crummy during the day. This morning, he felt even worse. Nothing too serious. Just the beginnings of a miserable cold. So he emailed his boss to work from home again today.

Just about a year ago, Andy changed bosses. The previous boss was...not very nice. She would have demanded that Andy come in anyway. Actually, he wouldn't even have asked her, knowing her response. And she was his boss for seven years! Seven years of fervent prayer for patience and peace for Andy, for this boss to come to Christ, for whatever God's work was in that situation to be accomplished. But to Andy's credit, he never wavered in the conviction that God put him in the midst of it for a reason. Then suddenly, very suddenly, He took that boss out of Andy's life and put him under Bruce. Now, I do sincerely thank God for the ways that we both grew in trusting Him during the rough times under the previous boss but today I am thanking God that Andy has a boss who treats him fairly and with respect and consideration.

Each day this month, Rebecca is gathering our posts on the ways that God is blessing us. To view others' thankful thoughts or to contribute your own, visit Rebecca Writes.

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ellen b. said...

That is a huge blessing and something to be thankful for. Hope Andy gets all better soon...