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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Month of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Eight

I've been having such a wonderful Thanksgiving here that I've been only sneaking peaks to visit my blogging friends today so if I haven't stopped by your place, that's why and I'll be there soon. And yes, I'm extending the holiday into today! But it began with a wonderful time of fellowship the minute Kim and Tom, Jake and Sam walked into our home yesterday about 12:30 PM. Our daughter, Emily, was home from school too and she brought the wine and her homemade cranberry sauce to compliment the traditional meal. Kim's contribution was dessert; pumpkin and pecan pies and pumpkin cheesecake! (I do love anything pumpkin!) Its a true blessing to have friends with whom you can just relax and talk and the time just flies. That's how it is with our group. And I thank God for each one of them!

Today, Emily and I have spent the day together taking an elderly friend grocery shopping, enjoying tea with her and her husband, walking Charlie in the warm, 42 degree sunshine and visiting our local thrift shop before returning home for more tea. Emily is in school about five hours away from home so its a real treat when she is home and that is what I am most thankful for today...although my heart is just full of gratitude for so many blessings this evening. Our God is so good!

Rebecca is compiling our thankful posts each day of this month. I've been blessed by reading so many of your posts and realizing just how incredibly good our God really is. Not that I can fully ever know but I love the widening of my thankful horizons. So please go share your thankful thoughts so we can all celebrate His goodness together.


ellen b. said...

Oh how very sweet it would be to join you and Kim for a meal with a glass of wine :0) I'm so glad you had a lovely time. Blessings...

Willow said...

Your days sound wonderful, Dorothy. I'm eating the last piece of pumpkin pie as I am writing this. I love pumpkin too!

I agree that this has been a great month of focusing on what we are thankful for. As we move in to the advent season, I'll be posting some advent thoughts.

Dorothy said...

It would be wonderful to share a meal with you and Kim, Ellen. I do hope that some day we can do just that!