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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday was our first day back from a lovely little respite to Arkansas for a long overdue visit with some of Andy's family. It was a sweet time of reconnection and rediscovery for us. And the fact that they are at least a couple of weeks farther into spring than we are didn't hurt any either! We were more than ready to soak up some sunny 70 degree weather and daffodils and forsythia and redbud. But look what I found in our yard when we got home! Crocuses and the fresh new shoots of our orange roadside daylilies! And note the absence of snow!


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Spring! Yes!

(at least until this weekend. . .)

cristie hurd said...

We too have daffodils and crocuses struggling to come up, but we also still have patches of ice here in Wisconsin. I'm so anxious for flowers in my garden after this exceptionally snowy winter that I bought packages of flower seeds yesterday.
The sandwich recipe event looks fun. Does the sandwich have to be original or can it be a recipe from someone else?

Dorothy said...

I am in denial about the weekend, Kim.

And Cristie, I am so sorry to hear about your patches of ice. This certainly has been a long and snowy winter!

Thanks for asking about the Recipe Round Up, Cristie. The recipes do not have to be original. I am looking forward to your contribution!

Islandsparrow said...


My tulips are up 3 inches. I have one stubborn patch of ice - right in my front flower bed. I should have planned that better.