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Monday, May 5, 2008

Saving the Violets

Finally, it really is spring in Crystal Lake, IL. So much so that Andy even had to mow the lawn this weekend! But he knew how much I was enjoying all the violets in the lawn so look what he did. He mowed out around the majority of them so that we can still enjoy them from the screen porch! What a guy!


ellen b said...

Ha! That is very sweet! I'm so happy that you are finally enjoying some Spring in Illinois. Our daughter attended Wheaton college for 3 semesters. Is that close to where you are?

Dorothy said...

Wheaton is about an hour from our house. Our daughter graduated from Wheaton in 2006. When did your daughter attend there?

Karen said...

What a great guy! You have a very thoughtful husband - a keeper for sure. ;)