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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Much Better Day at the Cottage

Charlie saw his cardiologist yesterday and it was a much better day than last Friday! He had a exam there and an echo cardiogram. That echo cardiogram did not require Charlie to lay on his back so things went much more smoothly from that point of view...Charlie's! And from my point of view, the news was much more encouraging. Yes, Charlie has some degenerative mitral valve disease as a result of the aging process. He is twelve years old, after all. But it seems that his murmur sounds much worse than his heart function really is and to quote the cardiologist "he is compensating very well." That translates to no need for medication right now. Just monitoring by doing chest X-rays (for which she had a positioning suggestion to prevent the stress on his hips) every six months and another echo cardiogram next year. We can live with that! The bill was even less than I was afraid it might be. So praise God and heartfelt thanks for your prayers!

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