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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look What I Got in the Mail Yesterday!

Look at this! Here are the two cookbooks I won from Ann at Whatever Things... in our last Recipe Round Up! Wasn't that generous and sweet of her to have that drawing and send me these cute little cookbooks! I love them! Thank you, Ann!

The little books are full of delicious sounding recipes and interesting pictures alongside them. In the case of the Irish Teatime one, there are pictures of historic life in Ireland. Favourite Boating Recipes is illustrated with scenes of narrow, canal boats of England. And there is no way that Ann could have known that the name of the boat in the picture on the cover of that one is the name that I am called by in my family of origin...Annie.

So now I have the fun of pouring over them, deciding which recipe to try first. And every time I turn a page, I'll think of my friend, Ann, and her thoughtfulness.


rosemary said...

How great! But I'm just a tad confused; I noticed MY name on the cute stationery...think it got sent to the wrong address????

Dorothy said...

Nice try, Rosemary! But I'm sure those books are at the exact place they were intended to be. My house!

You can come over and I'd be happy to share them though!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Yippee! I'm sure you'll let me peruse them over a cup of lemon rooibus someday!

(I can't wait to see the Irish tea book)

PS: the rhubarb pineapple sauce is very yummy!

Birdies are even BIGGER than last night, too!