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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Price of Gas: May 3, 2008

This morning, Andy and I took a little trip out to get gas for the lawn mower from our local station about four blocks from the cottage in Crystal Lake, IL. We paid $3.73.9 per gallon. See that little sign next to the gas station sign? If you look closely, it says "Cruising Prohibited 7 PM to 5 AM." I am wondering how much cruising is happening with gas at this price.

Want to know how much those in other areas are paying for gas? Rebecca is keeping tabs right here.

But to check out prices globally and put things into perspective, read this article.


mummymac said...

Dorothy - I was beginning to think I had worked ours out wrong at $8.10 but your link proves me right.

Hubby assured me I was right :-(

He's the driver - I walk a lot!!

Dorothy said...

I'd be walking a lot too at $8.10 per gallon!!