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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Month of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Nine

Yesterday was a lovely warmish day here at the cottage and Andy graciously blew and raked the few leaves that had accumulated on the lawn since the major leaf raking project up around the roses to finish tucking them in for the winter. He also got out the snow shovels and moved the snow blower into position for whatever comes our way. As we left for church this morning, there was a cold, damp rain falling but those roses looked so cozy in their leaf cocoons and it was a good feeling to know that we are as ready as they are for the impending winter. And I look forward to winter! I like that feeling of coziness, that feeling of rest that comes in knowing that I can't really do much in the way of work outside (except snow removal, of course). All I can do is enjoy the beauty of it. As I will enjoy the spring when it comes. And summer and fall. So today I am thanking God for the seasonal changes He gives us in this part of the country. I love them all, each in their own way!

Only today and tomorrow are left to share your thankful thoughts at Rebecca's. Please join in.

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