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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Month of Thankfulness: Day Nine

I am thanking God today for the successful washing of a coat that I love which is labeled "Dry Clean Only" but for which I could not justify the cost of dry cleaning. I got that coat several ago at a rummage sale for $3.00. Its so neutral that it goes with everything and its roomy enough to fit over bulky sweaters. Plus it has a hood, a feature I will never buy another coat or jacket without. I've gotten many years of use out of that coat and it had become a bit dirty. The fabric content is polyester and nylon so I took a chance. And it came out unscathed! And clean! Praise God!

Rebecca is gathering our thankful thoughts each day of this month of November so that we might share in the celebration of God's good gifts. Won't you join us? The blessings are multiplied for all.


rosemary said...

Yay for the successful washing of 'dry clean only' clothes!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

told ya! : D

I'm glad you gave it a go! I love that jacket. I want one like it!

Elle said...

Oh wow, I love dry cleaning rebellion. I am a rebel on this too. Delicate, cold, gentle spin. It can be done.