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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Month of Thankfulness: Day Twenty-Eight

This morning I woke up and took my synthroid at 5 AM thinking how very grateful I am for that little purple pill! And the blood work I've had over the past few weeks as well as the total body thyroid scan! And the access I have to a very competent endocrinologist! It wasn't always that way for people in my medical circumstances and it still isn't for some in other parts of the world...or even this country! Many people with similar problems have just suffered not feeling very well for much of their lives and died much younger than they would have had they had the blessings that I do. God forbid that I should take those medical blessings for granted!

Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.~Psalm 2:12b

We're getting close to the end of November but not nearly close to the end of the blessings of the Lord on His people! Please share yours over at Rebecca Writes.


Elle said...

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I almost missed this in the midst of unpacking from travel and working through my feeder! Praise the Lord! I am thanking God with you for such great, great news!

Willow said...

May we never take our medical access for granted!

Anonymous said...

It is such a blessing to watch you trust in God and appreciate His goodness and grace.

rosemary said...

Amen to competent medical doctors and tests! I hope the synthroid does its good work and helps you to feel better soon.