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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Month of Thankfulness: Day Eleven

I saw my orthopedic doctor today for a follow-up visit on my hip. I thought he might give me another cortisone injection for the bursitis but he didn't. His opinion is that a lot of the remaining limp and pain (and it is less than it was) is due to weakened muscles on that side because of favoring it for so long as well as that my whole pelvis is making the adjustment to a heel lift in my other shoe. So he prescribed some additional physical therapy which I start next Tuesday. I see him again in six weeks. I am thankful today for a doctor I've come to like and trust. When I saw him first, I was "guardedly optimistic." He's young, not much older than our daughter, Emily, and rather reserved. But, I told myself, he must be up on the latest techniques being so recently out of school. And maybe he's more enthusiastic than the "seasoned" crowd. Today, he really listened to what I said, never making me feel like there were lots of other patients waiting for him (there were) and patiently explained why we are pursuing the treatment course he's prescribed. His rating went up in my book and I am thanking God for His provision for me in this young man.

Please share what you are thanking God for this day over at Rebecca's. Its a gift to us all.


Lisa notes... said...

Yay for doctors that listen! Glad you found one that you can trust. I pray that what he recommends will help alleviate some of your pain.

AuntE said...

Dorothy, I am thankful today for your thankfulness in the midst of pain and a trying situation, I am sure. I also have a doctor who listens to me as though no one else is waiting and explains patiently too! God bless him.

WhiteStone said...

I never really thought "physical therapy" was much more than a few exercises that any sensible person could do at home. THEN I developed frozen shoulder and I was amazed that the therapist knew exactly what to do...painful as it shoulder is back to "normal". Yay for Physical Therapists!