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Friday, July 10, 2009

Oregon...Part II

Since the real purpose of our recent trip to Portland, Oregon was to attend the wedding of our nephew, David, and his new wife, Julie, and to spend time with family members, we really didn't do a lot of sight seeing...and my pictures reflect our priorities! First, here's one of the happy couple. (Actually, this one was taken by Emily but I like it better than any of mine.)

But here's one that does give you an overview of the city of Portland. The river that the bridge in this picture crosses, the one separating the east side of Portland from the west, is the Willamette. (Just so you are in the know, "Willamette" is pronounced with the accent on the middle syllable rather than the last.) The Willamette runs north into the Columbia River near north Portland which is where my sister, Mary, lives. This picture was taken about a block away from her house.

Remember I told you in a recent post about the climate of western Oregon and how it enables things to grow like you wouldn't believe? Well, one of the many flowers that grow prolifically there is the rose. In fact, Portland is called the City of Roses and there is a lovely rose garden there in Washington Park. We didn't make it to the Rose Garden this time but still, June is the peak of rose season and roses are in almost everyone's garden...roses of every color.

Before we leave Portland, I want to tell you, friends, about a wonderful little breakfast/lunch cafe in north Portland that we discovered with my sister, Mary, and her husband, Jim. Andy and I (Emily was staying with her cousins at their homes) along with Mary and Jim were so busy just relaxing and refreshing ourselves from the hectic pace of the wedding festivities that I forgot to even take a picture! Take my word for it, it was fun! The food was great, the tea and coffee were truly outstanding, and it was incredibly entertaining for us conservative mid-westerners! And they have a blog!

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Willow said...

The next time I go to Portland I'll drop by Little Red Bike Cafe. And I'll tell my brother and sil about it. Sounds like a fun place!