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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nebraska Attractions

One of the great things about road trips (at least, to me) is stopping at little, out of the way places of local interest rather than the major tourist attractions. We found Nebraska to have a few of those. First, there was the prairie sod house behind a barn with this cut-out in front of it. We found it irresistible. So did Emily and Charlie.

Then there was the highest point in Nebraska. That one involved a side trip that cost us an extra couple of hours but we thought it was worth it.
Nebraska's highest point is actually in the southwest corner of the state near its borders with Colorado and Wyoming so there really is some elevation there, as you can see. Supposedly, on a clear day, you can see the Rockies. We couldn't. But we were rewarded for our drive out the gravel roads between the fields by the views of rich farm land, a herd of buffalo and some beautiful wild flowers.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

That looks like fun, Dorothy!

ellen b. said...

I love a road trip where you can stop and enjoy things along the way instead of just zoom zoom zooming all the way home!! :0)