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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Way Home

There were two places we wanted to visit on our way home from Oregon. The first was the Black Hills area of South Dakota. We've visited there before but find that area so interesting that we couldn't resist seeing it again. The problem with the Black Hills is that there is so much to see! It could easily be the focus of a week's vacation! So we narrowed it down and spent several hours seeing our favorite parts.

The Black Hills is an area of majestic rocky mountain peaks with lots of trees separated from the actual Rocky Mountains and surrounded by grassy plains. Here's an overview sort of picture to give you a general idea of the area.
First, we set off for Needles Highway which is named for this particular rock formation.
But there are many other interesting views to be had.

And of course, there is this sight to behold.
Then we visited Custer State Park which is largely a wildlife refuge. This antelope was most cooperative in allowing us to get his photo.
As were these buffalo.
And then it was time to leave the Black Hills. Real life beckoned and there was one more place to visit on the way home.


ellen b. said...

Wow what great photos. There is so much of the good ole USA that I've never seen. It's fun to look at these images...

Willow said...

I've been to North Dakota but never South Dakota, so I enjoyed seeing the Black Hills and Custer Refuge! Thanks for taking us along.