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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sprayed and so thankful!

A wonderful thing happened this morning! Besides being our 32nd wedding anniversary that is...and thank you all for the kind words and warm wishes on that.

But the thing I'm referring to now as wonderful is much more mundane. Our neighborhood was sprayed for mosquitoes at 4:30 this morning! It has been a terrible week for the little blood suckers. Well, actually, its been a good week for them. A terrible week for us as far as being in the same vicinity as them. After a fairly cool and pleasant spring, it got warm and humid quite quickly all know about the rain in the Midwest, right? Perfect mosquito weather! I no longer cared how bad those weeds got, I was on strike from feeding mosquitoes! I was only going out the minimal amount with Charlie and that with a very bad attitude. But today is a lovely, low humidity, sunshiny, slightly breezy day with, most importantly, very few mosquitoes! Thank you, God!

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