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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gas Prices in Wisconsin

As promised, I did keep track of gas prices last week as we traveled north from Crystal Lake, IL to Mercer, WI which is in the far Northwoods of Wisconsin. When we left home on June 7th, gas here was $4.11 per gallon. The cheapest prices we saw were just north of the border in southern Wisconsin $3.99 and occasionally even $3.95 per gallon! Bargains to be had, for sure. From Madison and all the way up through Wausaw it was $4.07 to $4.09. But once we got close to Minocqua which is more "tourist-y," it shot up to about $4.10 and $4.11. Pretty much the same as the price back home. In little Mercer, about 45 minutes north of Minocqua, it was $4.03 per gallon for regular unleaded.

Our destination was actually a cabin on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage, about another 40 minutes or so down the road, but Mercer was our last town to pass through. We did make a trip up to Ironwood, MI one day in the middle of the week that we were in the Northwoods and gas up there was back to southern WI levels...just under $4.00 per gallon.

We left the Northwoods to return home on June 14th and by then, gas had risen a few cents but the pattern of who had the cheapest gas was maintained. Mercer was up to $4.13, Minocqua about $4.15, just north of the border at $4.04 with still an occasionally bargain at $3.99 per gallon and $4.15 per gallon back home here in Crystal Lake, IL. And while I will post my usual end of the week gas pump picture and post, there has been no change here since our return at the weekend.


ellen b. said...

I paid 4.45 at Costco which pretty much has the cheapest gas around...
It's funny how $3.99 sounds really good now :0)

Islandsparrow said...

It's high up here too - I just did the math conversion from liters to gallons - $5.24 - if I'm right. Yikes!

Islandsparrow said...

BTW Dorothy

I'm having a little celebration for the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables. Drop over to my blog and join in in the fun.