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Thursday, July 10, 2008

They're Here!

Remember this post of mine some months ago? Well, today's the big day! Andy is picking up my sister, Mary, and her husband, Jim, at the airport on his way home from work. So they are not exactly here at the cottage yet but I know they've landed at O'Hare. And our daughter, Emily, is coming home for the weekend to play with us too! We have plans for boating and a visit to the Mustard Museum plus lots of talking and eating! So don't expect to hear a lot from me for the next few days. I might do some scheduling of posts in advance but probably not a lot else. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


ellen b. said...

Have loads of fun y'all!!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Have a great time this weekend! Looking forward to meeting your sister on Tuesday! Lunch at TeaGeschwenders--what could be more fun?!

See you then,

Dianne said...

Enjoy your guests, have tons of fun :)

photowannabe said...

Have fun...There is nothing like family so enjoy.