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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yesterday, the ladies of our church had lunch together and it was delightful!  I am thankful for each one of these precious sisters in Christ. The reason for our gathering was less delightful, however.  One of our number (and we are a very small church) is leaving us to move to North Carolina with her husband.  She will be sorely missed but I am thankful for the time she and her husband have been with us.

Yesterday, the temperature here in Crystal Lake, IL got up to 101 degrees.  I may sound like a broken record (now isn't that revealing my age category) but I am very grateful for our working air conditioning.

Finally, I am still fighting shingles and am on a pain medication that makes me sleepy and less efficient than normal...not that I am always on top of everything, mind you.  But I am especially thankful for the patience and loving kindness of my family at this time.


rosemary said...

I'm so sorry you're still battling the shingles, Dorothy. It must be miserable in the heat. I pray you'll feel better soon.

"Broken record"---my era too. I remember my meager record collection.

ellen b. said...

I don't know how anyone can comfortably survive in temps like that in the midwest. I'm happy you have A/C. Sorry about your friend moving away...

Persis said...

Today was upper 90's and tomorrow will be 100. I'm also thankful the AC is still working.

Praying for you as you continue your fight with the shingles, Dorothy.

Kim said...

Hope you feel better soon, Dorothy. Hasn't this just been a wicked summer for heat? I'll be happy to see fall come.

Lisa Spence said...

So thankful for the air conditioning too! Our Alabama humidity is suffocating!

Praying you feel better!