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Thursday, July 5, 2012


This week I am thankful for improvement in my case of shingles.  Its not gone but its less painful and I am therefore sleeping better at night.  Thank you, God!

I am also very grateful for air conditioning in this week of daytime highs hovering around the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark.  And I am thankful for electricity to run the air conditioning.  Many are without power and suffering in the heat without a way to cool off.  I pray for relief for them very soon.

Finally, I am thankful for our country and the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S.  Its far from a perfect country.  That's my homeland in Heaven.  But as earthly countries go, its a pretty good one and I was pleased to celebrate its birthday yesterday.

What are you thanking God for this week?  Please do share!


ellen b. said...

So sorry you are suffering from Shingles. Praying for good relief right now for you...

rosemary said...

Dorothy, I'm so glad you're in less pain and are getting better sleep!

Whew, this heat is something, isn't it. I've been praying for all those without power. They must be so miserable!

Persis said...

I'm glad you're sleeping better. I'm also thankful for AC. It's been a scorcher today!

Kim said...

Hoping that you are restored to full health very soon!