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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Our evening walks with Murphy have been so lovely this week!  Perfect temperatures and gorgeous sunsets over Crystal Lake!  And I just came back from a very pleasant (70 degrees) walk with Murphy this morning.  So I thank God for His provision of lovely mornings and evenings in this hot summer we've been having.

I'm still in the clutches of shingles so I was so thankful when Emily came home Tuesday evening with a loose fitting summer dress that she saw at Walmart and thought might be a perfect shingles dress.  She was right and I appreciate the thoughtful, loving daughter God has given me.

Speaking of family, I am thankful not only for our working A/C but for the fun times together we're enjoying despite the heat.  For me, its not what we're doing so much as the fact that we are together.  Even if we're each engaged in our own activity, we are together.  I am thankful for the gift of family.

How about you?  What good gifts has our gracious God given you this week?  Please share.


rosemary said...

It was so thoughtful and sweet of your daughter to buy the dress for you. Hope the shingles totally clears up soon!

Persis said...

"For me, its not what we're doing so much as the fact that we are together."

Amen to that!

Praying you continue to mend, Dorothy.

rebecca said...

I hope those shingles go away soon!

Kim said...

These cooler temps must be very nice for you. Glad you are well enough to walk.