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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday's Hymn: How Gentle God's Commands

How gentle God's commands,
How kind his precepts are!
Come, cast your burdens on the Lord,
And trust his constant care.

While Providence supports,
Let saints securely dwell;
That hand, which bears all nature up,
Shall guide his children well.

Why should this anxious load
Press down your weary mind?
Haste to your heav'nly Father's throne,
And sweet refreshment fine.

His goodness stands approved,
Down to the present day;
I'll drop my burden at his feet,
And bear a song away.

Philip Doddridge, 1755
Tune: Dennis, Arr. from Hans G. Nageli by Lowell Mason, 1845

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Persis said...

I need to copy these words because many an anxious load tries to press on my mind. Thanks for sharing this, Dorothy.

Dorothy said...

Me too, Persis. I need constant reminders to "trust His constant care."

ellen b. said...

wonderful true words! Blessings from Southern California Dorothy!