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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Storm

It's been quite the eventful day at the cottage. Violent thunderstorms blew through Chicagoland this morning knocking out power to over 600,000 people and we were among them. Many, many trees were downed and our big, beautiful spruce was sprawled across the driveway early in the storm.

The storm came out of the north and apparently put some twisting force on our poor tree.

Not only was our driveway blocked but the entire street was impassable on this end because of our tree.

Also on the other end because of a neighbor's tree!

We were fortunate, however, in that the spruce was actually on the city right of way so they removed it. And not only that but, because it did block the road, it was removed by noon!

We're also very thankful for God's protection in that no one was hurt and nothing was even damaged. Even our recycling container emerged unscathed, much to our amazement!

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Persis said...

Wow! So glad your family is safe, Dorothy.

rosemary said...

Wow. When I heard about the storm and power outage, I thought of you and Kim, wondering whether you were affected. I'm sorry you lost your gorgeous tree, and relieved that your home wasn't damaged. We had a powerful storm, but not like yours!

ellen b. said...

Yikes Dorothy! Glad you were all safe and the city got to remove the debris! That trunk really was twisted. The power of some storms is truly amazing!