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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Power is Back!

Just had to share the good news with my bloggy friends! My thankful list now includes things like air conditioning and the freedom to use the washer and dish washer. Plus the miracle of the electric garage door opener! And its so quiet around here too! We're happy campers tonight!

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rosemary said...

Yay! I know from experience that generators are great to have when the power goes out, but it's always wonderful when all the electricity comes back on and everything gets back to work.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Wow! That was a long time! Glad you have the generator!

We've been off and on and our internet/phone/cable has been spotty until today.

I went out today and all the traffic lights were working again, too, at least where I was.

WhiteStone said...

Good news, indeed! Yayyy!
And in regards to being thankful, we need only compare our conveniences (or inconveniences) to those of our grandparents and we can get thankful really fast! lol

Trisha said...

So thankful that you have your power back! And what a blessing to have the generator.

Much love to you, my friend.