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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kitchen Improvements: Phase III

We've completed Phase III of our kitchen improvement project and I'm ready for the unveiling!

But first, the "before" pictures. The kitchen has this pale striped wallpaper on the wall between the counter top and the cabinets as well as under the window and on the soffit above the cabinets.
Its been here from before we moved in but I like it...all except for the part between the kitchen sink and the window. Why would anyone put wallpaper in that back splash area? Must have been someone who never washed dishes. Predictably, the wallpaper was peeling back there and the sheet rock underneath was in danger from the moisture.

Because I like the wallpaper and because of the complications involving the shape of the molding under the window sill and the book shelves to the left of the window, we decided that only the part between the window and the sink area had to be redone. After several visits to the big box home improvement stores, we decided to go with a thermoplastic material made to look like metal. The brand name is Fasade. It comes in a number of patterns and finishes. Our choice is called hammered and its in a brushed nickel finish. Naturally, it was not available in our local stores, not even as a special order. But we found it online from this site. It came quickly and I stripped that area of wallpaper in a couple of hours just one week ago today. The next morning, it took a few hours for Andy and me to formulate a plan of action and get the pieces fastened up with Liquid Nails but we enjoyed gazing at the result of our labors over lunch.


rosemary said...

It's so great that you've finished your kitchen project, Dorothy. Way to go; looks great! I've not heard of the thermoplastic Fasade before, but it seems a perfect backsplash for your sink area. Are you enjoying your Boos island?

Dorothy said...

I love my Boos block island, Rosemary! We have one more improvement to make in the kitchen before we call it finished but I'm loving everything we've done so far!

rebecca said...

I like it!

Kim said...

Looks beautiful!

Willow said...

What a HAPPY kitchen! I love the light blue! I'd not heard of the thermoplastic either. I'll have to go peek at it next time I'm in one of 'those' stores.

ellen b. said...

That is a great idea for a backsplash Dorothy. Love it. Your kitchen is really looking wonderful!