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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kitchen Improvements: Phase II

Phase II of the kitchen improvements had to be a way to increase counter top workspace. We had a small kitchen cart/island which helped some. You can see it in my Kitchen Improvements: Phase I post, but it simply wasn't big enough. And we had plenty of floor space for something bigger.

First, we measured and tried some different pieces of furniture in the spot to determine the appropriate dimensions. Then we did lots of research, mostly online, before deciding on a beautiful butcher block from the John Boos company. They have lots of different styles and sizes but we chose a Gathering Block III. And upon discovering through the very helpful Norbert at the factory store that we could save 40% if we went down to pick it up in Effingham, IL, which is about 5 and a half hours away, we decided that a weekend road trip was just the ticket.

Now, the Gathering Block III measures 24 X 48 inches and we have a Honda Ridgeline pick-up with a bed that is bigger than that so we figured it would be a piece of cake. We even thought the end gate would close and the tonneau cover would fasten over it!! Wrong!!!! It was kind of scary watching the forklift descend on the truck and I was too shocky to think of a picture at the factory but here it is in the pickup in the driveway.

We were a little concerned about the two of us getting it out of there when we got home but we managed by opening the box and bringing in the well-packed pieces one at a time.

Andy did have to get our gracious neighbor to help him bring in the 4 inch thick top though. I just could not manage an end of that!

Then it was on to assembling it which Andy did with just a little help from me and none from Charlie.
Then we kind of rolled it upright and slid it into place before putting in the basket drawers.

It was an adventure but we're very, very pleased with the results! Isn't it a beauty!


rosemary said...

It's wonderful, Dorothy! Boos boards are so nice; a great chopping surface, and yours is such a nice size. I have a small one, and I love it.

Glad your neighbor helped carry that big board in!

ellen b. said...

Oh I do love my little Boos. That's a real beauty Dorothy!

Trisha said...

Beautiful, Dorothy! I especially love the baskets. :)

Kim said...

Beautiful! I love it.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I love it, Dorothy! Can't wait to see it in person!

WhiteStone said...

Oh, I like it very much! Perfect work area!

Persis said...

Very nice, Dorothy. I've been debating about getting an island since we have very little counter space.

Willow said...

Perfect! And I loved that you saved 40%. (It would cost me a lot more than that to go pick it up at a factory in Illinois!)