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Friday, March 18, 2011


...Friday. Oops. Thankful Thursday flitted into my mind a couple of times yesterday but then I'd get busy again and the thought was gone. Not that I didn't have things to be thankful for, believe me. For one thing, it was a lovely sunny morning and Charlie and I had a delightful walk.

And then there was this lovely sight outside my kitchen window:
I know I've posted them other years but I just never can resist taking a new picture of these every spring.

And since it is Friday now, I'm going to tell you how thankful I am that Andy is working from home today! He normally works from home one day a week but that hasn't happened for the last few months because of big projects at work that necessitated his being present on site. So its nice to have him back with us.

Several of my thankful blogging friends are joining in praising God for His good gifts to us each Thursday. Please feel free to join us!

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Persis said...

Your crocus are so pretty. We had a few come up, but now they're gone. I wish they lasted longer.