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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Andy is in Corsicana, TX this week for his job. I miss him and I'm thankful that he comes home on Saturday. That's the day after tomorrow!

Like Rosemary, it seems that things often go awry when Andy is out of town. We had the furnace in one of the rentals repaired last week and I was feeling so thankful that that happened while Andy was still here. Well, the tenant called yesterday to say it wasn't working again. I was out and by the time we spoke, he had talked to someone else who had suggested turning the thermostat completely off and waiting a half hour to restart the furnace. It worked! At least for now, and I'm so thankful for that.

Still, its been a long week and I'm especially thankful for a dear friend who has invited me to join her family for dinner tomorrow night.

Oh, and one more thing I'm thankful for...snowdrops peeking up through the snow! They keep getting buried again by another inch or two of snow that then recedes in time for the next batch but I know they are there!

I intend to post my thankful thoughts each Thursday along with Kim of The Upward Call and others. Please join in!


rosemary said...

Turns out our furnace needs a new part and so does our water heater, but hopefully it will be repaired tomorrow. Harry comes home on Saturday too. Yippeetiyiya.

Enjoy your dinner with Kim and family!

Persis said...

I'm amazed at the tenacity of plants. Our daffodils are insisting it is spring even when the temperature has been like a yo-yo.