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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Evening Snow

You may have heard that our part of the country is getting a pretty good storm tonight and tomorrow. In fact, they are calling it a blizzard...and it is blowing and snowing mightily out there! But it sure did make for some nice pictures earlier this evening!


ellen b. said...

We've been hearing about your neck of the woods! Stay safe and warm!

Persis said...

Beautiful snow. I must admit that I prefer to admire it from afar. Stay warm!

AuntE said...

Looks pretty when you can stay inside, doesn't it? What are things like there this morning?

Trisha said...

Looks beautiful, Dorothy! We've gotten a bit, too, and it's the coldest here that I can remember. -10 the desert! HA Isn't God great?

Thinking of and praying for your sister and her husband.