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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Break

Our daughter, Emily, was home for spring break last week. Not much was spring-y about it, least of all the weather, but it sure was nice to have her home for a few days! She and I had some good times sipping tea together while reading our books or talking about "stuff." Andy helped her with her income taxes. The three of us went to Caribou for coffee (tea for me, thank you) and scones on Saturday morning. That's a family tradition around here! And Charlie was happy to lay in her lap while she brushed him and to just soak up the love. He misses his "sister." In fact, yesterday morning, after I took him out, he went charging off to Emily's room hoping to hop in bed with her for a while longer, something he tends to do when she's home. He was sorely disappointed that her bed was empty.

As Charlie found out, all good things come to an end and so she left on Sunday after church to drive back to school. Andy was finally able to relax when we got the call that she had arrived safely about 7PM. Now I am catching up all the loose ends of things deferred while Emily was home. That includes everything from income taxes of our own to laundry. But routines are not a bad thing either. Besides which, she'll be home again for Easter and that is only three weeks away!

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Kim from Hiraeth said...

It was great seeing Emily and having her sit in on our Thursday study.

Looking forward to having her here again at Easter.