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Friday, February 15, 2008

I Digress

Well, here I am with my very own blog and all of a sudden nothing seems momentous enough to write about. Maybe I'll just continue on with the Charlie train of thought. He really is a big part of my life! And he is sort of indirectly what gave me the push to actually do this blogging thing. Rebecca gets a lot of the credit too for declaring February Dog Month. And Kim for inviting me to guest blog at her place. And for her encouragement and help in setting up this blog!

But I digress. Back to Charlie and you will see that lots of my thoughts do lead back to Charlie. And why wouldn't they when he is as cute as this?


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Oh, I do love Charlie! How old was he in that picture?

Dorothy said...

He was about six years old in that picture.

Karen said...

So sweet. :)

mummymac said...

Any friend of Kim's is a friend of mine :-)

Welcome to the world of world-wide friends and greetings from Northern Ireland.

Dorothy said...

So glad you stopped by, Karen and Mummymac! Kim is a wonderful friend!