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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Once again, I am thanking God for something I previously took for granted--hot water at a turn of the faucet. Our electrical project has been added onto. We're having a gas line run to the back patio since we have a ditch dug already for the new underground electric service. The gas line is so we can have a natural gas grill back there instead of relying on our old charcoal grill. So today the gas had to be turned off to do some of that work. That meant that the dishes couldn't be washed in hot water unless I boiled it in the electric teakettle or heated it in the microwave. A minor inconvenience but one I noticed. Thank God the gas is back on in time for hot showers tonight after doing some refilling of ditches and replanting of moved plants.

I don't have my gas dryer back yet and probably won't for a couple more days but, since I generally do laundry as it accumulates and never have much of a backlog, that's not such an inconvenience. So for today its that hot running water that I'm especially thanking God for.

Kim of The Upward Call and several others of us are posting our thankfulness to God each Thursday of this year. Won't you join us?


WhiteStone said...

As Americans we are so blessed with electricity, gas, and all the convenient appliances. It's good to pause and give thanks for those blessings!

Kim said...

Natural gas barbecues are great! My in-laws have one, and just love it.

I have an electric stove, but I would like a gas stove, because my friend promises me that it is easier to get an even heat.

rosemary said...

I've lived without running hot water, so it often occurs to me to thank God for the delight of a hot shower!

You're going to enjoy the ease of a gas grill! Bet there'll be a lot of BBQ in the works at your house this summer!

ellen b. said...

Oh yippee for hot showers. I thank God a lot when I'm standing in my hot shower!!
Hope all the work is completed well and soon Dorothy!