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Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Knew?

Guess what I just found out? March is National Crochet Month! Who knew such a thing was celebrated? Not me, but I do love to crochet. Its kind of like drinking tea in a way...calms me down when I'm upset, enhances clearer thinking, that sort of thing.

My current project is this afghan. Its a wedding present for a dear niece.

So, any other crocheters out there? Hold those hooks high and let's share our current projects!


Kim said...

I love the color!

I love crocheting, too.

Lisa writes... said...

I don't crochet but I have great respect for those who do! Your afghan is gorgeous! We have several that were crocheted by our respective grandmothers. I love them!

Lisa notes... said...

How beautiful. I wish one of my daughters had learned how to crochet (I'm horrible at it). Your niece will be blessed by your thoughtful gift. And I love your "spring" pictures. Oh my!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

OOOOoooo! That's pretty!