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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring at the Lake Shore

The ice is melted back about two feet by the shore of Crystal Lake except for the thin, clear patches around rocks and branches. If you look out across the entire lake, its the right color for water but its still substantial ice with a rough surface. That makes it look almost like the water in an oil painting...the right color, almost the right surface texture, but unmoving.

I took these pictures at noon today on the walk we shared (Charlie came too!) while Andy was on his lunch hour from working at home. That was about four hours ago. The temperature now is 65 degrees! And its sunny! It won't look like this much longer!


ellen b. said...

Wow 65 and sunny. We had an unusually warm day yesterday. Love the shots of the icy lake. Very cool...

Willow said...

That ice won't be there very long!