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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hot Tea Month--Week Three

Its the third week of Hot Tea Month hosted by scrabblequeen already! This week, the theme is:
"If I could have my own Tea House, this is how I would run things...."
Well, for starters, my Tea House would be a cottage in a lovely little town not too far from the bigger city. We do need customers, you know! It would be on the main street of that little town but it would have a sweet little garden to walk through (on a stone path) to get to the door of the tea cottage. And that little garden would extend around one side of the Tea House where there would be a stone patio with four round tables for taking tea outside on a perfect, warm day. Next door, there'd be a used book store for perusing after teatime. On the other side, a quilt shop. And down the street, a couple of antique stores, as well. Hey, I can make up the whole little town, can't I? This is my dream, we're entering here.

Back to the Tea House. Inside, a hostess would greet you. She'd be dressed in the sort of dresses the Bennet sisters wear in Pride and Prejudice (the A & E version). In fact, all of the waitresses would be dressed like that! The surroundings would be sort of English farmhouse feeling. Not the frilly Victorian stuff so much. More sturdy and homey. And fresh flowers on every table.

The teapots (complete with cozies) would be the heavier kind that actually pour without dripping (I hate drippy teapots) and the tea would be very hot! Also of the very best quality. We'll serve all kinds and varieties of tea...even the stuff that is not really tea!

The food is all homemade, of course, and of the highest quality. That goes without saying! Scones of several varieties, lemon curd, Devonshire cream. Sandwiches of many kinds. Salads of every sort. And soups. Quiches! I do love a good quiche. Muffins and sweet breads and cookies (but we'd call them biscuits).

And over in an alcove, my daughter, Emily, would be playing her harpsichord. On Fridays, she'd have a couple of violins and a cello playing with her. Perhaps a flutist would join them on occasion.

There's a little gift shop off to the side with all kinds of tea things. You can buy those non-drippy teapots there. And our high quality teas. And tea cozies and all sorts of tea accoutrements.

I was sharing my dream with my dear friend, Kim, last night and she suggested Wi-Fi. At first, I was taken aback. Wi-Fi in my sweet old Tea House? "But you'll want people to feel like they can stay and enjoy a respite from the world," she said. And yes, I want that. So this is what I'm thinking. Maybe an adjoining room, more like a lounge with couches and chairs and low tables (I'm not sure I want to use the word "coffee" in this post) where you can take your tea after you've eaten and just sit and sip and relax. Again, the decor is sort of English country manor. A roaring fire in cooler weather. And bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves filled with all kind of books to peruse. But no wait staff over there so you can take the pot and refill your own cup. And when that pot is empty, come get another. We'll have the Wi-Fi area over there for those who don't want to pick up a book. Oh, and I'd love to have you bring your embroidery or knitting!

So, I can't wait for the grand opening! Please say you'll come.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

I'd say you came up with a good compromise re: the Wi-Fi. But I don't understand why you couldn't be a bit more flexible regarding the other hot, brown beverage.

After all, you DO enjoy your cuppa at Caribou COFFEE, don't you?

Just kidding, of course. It's your dream and I think it's lovely. I'd definitely make it a regular stop--almost as good as your kitchen table!

Dorothy said...

Well, you do know that the rivalry between those hot, brown beverages is a friendly one. Especially since I'm the coffee person at church...which is pretty funny, actually!

And you are right. I do very much enjoy my cuppa at Caribou Coffee!

rosemary said...

Such a lovely, lovely tea room dream! I would definitely be there regularly----even without the hot, brown, richly-roasted beverage that happens to be my favorite.

Why doesn't somebody actually have a tea room like that?!

ellen b. said...

Dorothy I think you thought of everything! I would love to spend time in your Tea Room!!

Scrabblequeen said...

I, too, would be happy to come to your tearoom! Why not plan the whole block? We can be like Blossn street, right? As to the Burned Bean juice, I guess it would be okay to mention it in a tea post...

Willow said...

Oh I'd love to visit your tea shop! Wi-Fi is a must though, so I can stay a little longer...

Do you have Caribou Coffee in near Field Stone Cottage?? My dd has one in her town. I'd never heard of CC until she moved there.

Dorothy said...

Yes, we have a Caribou Coffee right in Crystal Lake but Andy, Emily and I tend to frequent one a couple of towns away because its a bit larger and more conducive to a relaxing visit. I do love the tea they carry there!