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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Tea Month--Week One

What a perfect blog-a-thon topic for the cold, cold month of January! As a dedicated tea drinker, I couldn't resist participating! Scrabble queen is our hostess and each week of the month, there is a tea-related topic to post on. This first week it is tea as a mood lifter: How does tea improve your day? What is your favorite time for a nice, hot cuppa?

Well, dare I mention that "other" drink, coffee, right off the bat? Let's just say I don't drink it at all. It makes me terribly ill. So I start my morning off with the far more refreshing beverage, tea, right after I kiss Andy good-bye and watch him head off to work.

My next cup is usually after lunch with Emily, although I do put the kettle on at any time of day that I may feel tired or down or need to relax. Tea is the perfect mood lifter! It just is!

My favorite cup of the day is after supper though. We never fail to brew a pot and share it in the evening, the two of us. Three, if Emily is home. Its the perfect way to wind down and end the day companionably relaxing together!

What about you? What are your daily tea-drinking habits? Can't wait to hear!


Scrabblequeen said...

Yipee! Dorothy joined the Tea blog-a-thon. We're all so pleased that you did and we look forward to future opportunities to "share tea" with you.

ellen b. said...

How fun that you joined in. I hear it snowed where you are last night/today? Really is a great time for a cuppa! It is great to have enough tea drinkers around to brew a pot!!

Lisa writes... said...

You can't drink coffee? My sympathies. I like tea okay; I like coffee best. Though your post makes me rethink my position. Only momentarily, however. :)

AuntE said...

I'm with Lisa on this one. Although I used to be quite the 'tea granny'... Not sure when/how that changed. But a good strong cup of tea (Red Rose is the best as far as I'm concerned - Can you get it in the States?) actually sounds rather appealing right now. Just came in from being out longer than expected; it's cold here today but no wind.

Dorothy, on another subject - I was at the hardware/home improvement store and they had lots of orchids out in their greenhouse. It reminded me of you. How are yours doing?

Dorothy said...

I used to buy Red Rose tea in Upstate New York when we lived there, AuntE, but I haven't seen it in Illinois.

My orchids are well, thanks for asking, but none are in bloom right now.

Willow said...

Dorothy, I'm a staunch supporter of the 'other beverage' but I also drink tea. My favorite is Earl Grey, but when I don't want to drink caffeine I opt for Bedtime Tea. If I have a cold, I pull out my echinacea tea. This week I visited a local tea shop 'for everyday tea drinkers' and purchased Japan Bancha tea hoping that it will be a good match for an afternoon pick-me-up.