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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot Tea Month--Week Four

Hot Tea Month--Week Four? It can't be! Its been so much fun, this focus on tea each week! Thanks so much to scrabblequeen who has been our gracious hostess! This week's theme is:

Whom have you met because of something related to tea? Share something about this person and how your relationship blossomed.

I'm not sure that I can honestly say there is anyone in my life that I've met because of something related to tea...except perhaps scrabblequeen herself and her tea friend, Chan, both of whom I've met because of this blog-a-thon. We're at the very early stages of getting to know each other but the potential for our relationships to blossom is apparent because of our shared love of tea and dogs...and maybe the knitting thing. I don't really knit much but I do love to crochet so I'm going to stretch it here and say we share interests in "fiber arts."

There are some other bloggers I've gotten to know who are tea lovers as well. It was Ellen's blog that first alerted me to the Hot Tea Month Blog-a-Thon, in fact. And I know Rebecca and Willow both enjoy a nice, hot cuppa. But I can't say for any of them that it was tea that caused the first connection. Its more like a love of tea was just an extra perk to the relationship.

In real life, I have a few good friends with whom I just love to share a nice, hot cuppa. Kim is right at the top of that short list even though coffee is her first hot beverage love. But she is a dog lover!

I'm thinking, though, that what makes a friendship for me is not whether a person drinks tea per se. Its more whether we can sit down and linger over conversation together, in person or in bloggyland. Tea is just sort of representative of that lingering. And it certainly enhances it on my part!

So, I'm off to make a nice, hot cuppa. Join me?


ellen b. said...

The sitting down and listening to each other is a good thing :0)

Scrabblequeen said...

You're right, of course, that tea in itself isn't really the important thing. Just like the "fiber arts" is a way of connecting...although certainly one of my favorites! So glad to have met you this month, and through tea, no less. :-)

johnbird812 said...

I love a cup of Chi tea with a little cream. Perfect for a day like today. And it goes well with a book!

Dorothy said...

Hey, John!

Glad to have you in the tea drinking circle. My husband, Andy, who enjoys a good cuppa, will be pleased to have another male join in.

Willow said...

I did meet someone through 'tea'! The woman who owns the local tea shop (All Things Tea) is becoming a friend. I first met her when I ordered tea from her online shop and went to her house to pick up my packet of Earl Grey.