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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Emily and I went mini-golfing yesterday. Its an annual outing for us and we always go to the same course, located at one of Crystal Lake's parks. Neither of us is very good at mini-golf (probably because we only play it one time a year) so we always go early in the morning, hoping to finish our game before anyone else comes to play. But I'll bet there is no one who has a better time playing than we do! We laugh and have a great time together while we're coercing our balls along the course.

I am so thankful that Emily and I are playing the same course in life as well. Besides our mother-daughter relationship, we are sisters in Christ. And its such a joy and a privilege to encourage each other along, often with a gentle sense of humor, as we pursue our Christian walks. I thank God for the blessing that my precious daughter is to me in so many ways!


ellen b. said...

Truly a wonderful blessing!!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Yes, Emily is a blessing--to us, too!

Willow said...

A true blessing!