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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Guest on the Porch

This gorgeous plant is temporarily living on our screen porch. I am babysitting it and three orchid "siblings" that belong to a new friend of ours while he and his wife sort out their living arrangements. I have a number of houseplants of my own but no orchids. It feels a little overwhelming to have these plants entrusted to my care. But...I also am feeling like I might have a hard time giving them back. Well, not really. What I really mean is I may be asking for an orchid of my own the next time Andy or Emily asks what I want for my birthday or Christmas.

Meanwhile, I have taken out a couple of orchid books from the library. And I am asking you, my blogging friends, if any of you have orchids and, if you do, what book of basic orchid care do you recommend? Also what type of orchid do you suggest beginning with? Feel free to give me any other bits of information that you think I might need to know as well.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

As a 'guest on the porch' myself, I must say that is one gorgeous orchid!!

ellen b. said...

So pretty!

Willow said...

Orchids are beautiful, but I'm afraid I can't help you with information. You might go to nikkipolani's blog (on my sidebar) and ask her. She knows EVERYTHING about plants.

WhiteStone said...

My DDIL grows orchids very successfully. Her secret? She lives on Maui! Perfect climate. Sigh!