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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Off Again

I've been home less than two weeks since our fun-filled trip to Northern Wisconsin and I'm off again tomorrow. I'm going to Ann Arbor, MI to help Emily move back home after finishing her program of study over there. We'll be back on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Andy is leaving tomorrow morning for Allentown, Pennsylvania. Its a business trip. And he'll be back home on Thursday too.

Then early Saturday morning, we are all leaving on a two week road trip to Oregon to visit family and attend the wedding of our nephew, Dave, and his (almost) wife, Julie.

We never planned for this spring to be quite so full of travel but sometimes things just happen... never outside of God's plan and will, of course. I trust completely in that, especially since I'm a homebody by nature, a homebody who loves order and routine. (Yes, I am probably kind of boring.) And I know I will be very happy to be home the whole month of July, Lord willing! But, right now, despite a miserable cold the last couple of days, I am having fun! Emily even has some things planned for us tomorrow after we get the cars packed! I just hope I can keep up this pace!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Charlie is traveling with me to Ann Arbor. Then he will go on the road trip to Oregon as well. No rest for an old dog, either....of course, he mostly sleeps in the car.

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