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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Back...

...and beginning to feel caught up around the cottage. We had a wonderful, wonderful respite in Northern Wisconsin! As Emily pointed out, we all (except Charlie) have a "fisherman's tan" now. That means the backs of our hands are tan but the rest of our arms are not due to the coolish weather requiring long sleeves. And yes, we all caught some fish! I even caught a big snapping turtle! That was really exciting!

But the best part was the feeling of complete relaxation that we had where the only decisions to be made were things like should we go fishing before supper or after. And why wouldn't we feel completely relaxed when we were surrounded by scenes like this?

And catching fish like this?

And doing lots of this?

I thank God for His magnificent creation and His provision for us to enjoy it!


ellen b. said...

Oh my that is a beautiful setting and look at the size of that fish!!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Beautiful!! So glad you had a chance to unwind in such a glorious place!

Did you eat that fish?

Dorothy said...

No, Kim, we didn't eat the fish. Bass are only catch and release this early in the season in Northern Wisconsin and they were the ones we caught the most of. Smallmouths are really fun to catch though! They fight and jump and make you work for them!