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Friday, June 5, 2009

Ice Hockey?

I am not a sports fan at all. In fact, none of us here at the cottage are sports fans and we are pretty limited in our knowledge of team sports. We do enjoy fishing and bicycling and canoeing and those kinds of sports but nothing involving a ball--or a puck.

So its kind of interesting to me that one of my dearest friends is a die-hard hockey fan. And she's had reason to be enlightening me about the details of that sport and the merits of her favorite team recently because the Detroit Redwings (her team of choice) had some sort of play-off with the Chicago Black Hawks and now they are playing for the Stanley Cup. Most of what she said just caused my eyes to glaze over as I smiled and nodded. But when she started talking about the beauty of the teamwork that is involved and how it irritates her to see an individual player attempt to draw all the attention to himself, I took mental note. That made me think of our unity as a body of believers, the church universal, and how beautiful it is when we work together for His glory in individual humility. And how ugly it looks, especially before the world, when we try to glorify ourselves individually as followers of Christ.

It never ceases to amaze me the things that God uses to teach me more about Him and His ways! Ice hockey! Who would have thought?


ellen b. said...

Love where the Holy Spirit led you while listening to your friend. :0)

Elle said...

I love these kinds of illustrations. Thanks for sharing the picture of how the Body should behave.

John said...


You've described an ugly but all too natural sin. May God continue to change our hearts.