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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today I am thankful for a lovely, sunny day after a rainy night.  The air feels so clean and its 45 degrees out there!  In mid-February!!  Its been such a mild winter.  We may pay for it in the summer but right now, it feels so good.  Murphy and I will celebrate the day with a nice long walk this afternoon.

I'm thankful for the gift that dogs are in our world...especially mine...but I love them all.  How much more satisfying is a walk with a dog than a walk alone!

Speaking of Murphy and walks, we are into our second class at Petco.  Loose leash walking is our goal and while we are not there yet, I am enjoying the challenge.  I hope Murphy is too.  I know he's enjoying the treats.  : )

What are you thanking God for today?


KimS said...

I'm thankful for our Luna, too! I was thinking about our old Beagle, Sally, this afternoon, and missing her. They really do get into our hearts, don't they?

rosemary said...

I'm enjoying this mild weather too. Tomorrow is supposed to be 40 degrees and sunny! It's February?

Persis said...

I'm thankful for a warmer winter and praying that summer will be cooler. I'm also thankful for animal companions even if they do nothing but eat and sleep. :)