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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week has been a jumble of mixed emotions mostly related to my sweet little Charlie. He's only two weeks shy of 16 and we've known about an underlying problem with his heart for the last two and a half years. It's just been in the "keep an eye on it" stage though, and we've been instructed to bring him into the vet at the first sign of coughing. Well, he had a slight, intermittent cough last week but it turned into an ugly "keep all three of us awake" sort of thing in the early morning hours on Saturday. So Saturday morning we were at our regular vet's office and she confirmed my suspicions that it was indeed a cardiac cough and started him on some Lasix. She was reluctant to do any more without consulting Charlie's cardiologist, however. So Tuesday afternoon, he and I headed over there. The cardiologist confirmed that he is in early congestive heart failure and added enalapril to his drug routine. She also reassured me that Charlie could be made comfortable and enjoy a good quality of life for a while longer...maybe even another couple of years. And that's a big reason to be thankful for me this week! I do thank God for caring vets and advances in veterinary medicine but I am also very grateful for God's provision of the resources to spend on a beloved pet like this. We won't do anything extraordinary but a couple of drugs seem like a small thing compared to the joy of Charlie's presence in our lives for another while. Thank you, God.

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rosemary said...

Wow---16 years old! I'm glad the vet has meds that will help your Charlie feel better.

Persis said...

I'm thankful for good vets too. Hope Charlie does well with his new meds.

KimS said...

Oh, I'm so glad Charlie has a vet who seems to go above and beyond for him. Here's hoping he will be comfortable and happy for a while longer yet!!