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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Andy hurt his back last week. It happened water skiing, of all things, but he was limping around and quite uncomfortable for a few days. He's still not 100% but he is much, much better and I'm so grateful to our gracious God for that. But I'm also thankful for the things He's (re)taught me through this injury of Andy's. (I'm a forgetful person, you know.) He's reminded me of just how frail our health is and how quickly the physical abilities we have, the very ones we take for granted, can be lost, and that makes me much more grateful for those abilities! He's also shown me again how dependent we are on each other, Andy and I, as I've done so many tasks that are usually Andy's, and that knitting together in marriage is another reason to praise God.

I'm also thanking God this week for some of the nicest weather we've had all summer! Highs in the 70's and low humidity! It doesn't get much better that that!

What are you thanking our loving God for this week? Please do join in the thanksgiving!

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1 comment:

KimS said...

Oh, poor Andy!! At least he hurt himself doing something enjoyable. I hope he continues to mend.